working hard over at tourcaucasus to get it up and running,
and discovering the joys of blog tech fun. adding new stuff
all the time, and hopefully it will be interesting to keep
an eye on for friends and family. i have not yet decided
whether i’ll post in both norwegian and english, we’ll see.
couple of weeks left of work, i’ve got quite alot of work
done today – which feels good. still have some to go, before
i’m on top of things.

looking forward to summer and all the books i’ll get to read…


it’s bit of a throttlebottle
these days, semester’s coming
to a close, and things are
wrapping up, but sun’s out
between the downpours

i’m in the course of revamping
my mortempo blog and have
intentions of getting on
top of things again after
staying low.

things are brewing