The great thing about social networks is participation and interaction with other people’s projects and initiatives. About twice a month or so I get contacted through Flickr because of someone who has taken interest in one of my photos. It ranges from a Hungarian coffee table book on tea (sic) and a Chinese travel book on the Middle East to an online Oslo guide and a Mexican sci-fi movie. Tonight I got a mail from a person making a film petitioning for taking part in Pangea Day who wanted to use this picture in an opening sequence of a film. Pangea Day is a great initiative to give the voice to people all over the world through the power of images, still and moving.

The documentary filmmaker and TED prize winner Jehane Noujaim is part of the initiative and the people behind the Pangea Day hopes to bring together millions of people from all over the world in a unique shared experience, use the power of film to create a better understanding of one another, and form a global community striving for a better future.

Quite impressive. It all happens on May 10th, 2008. Submissions closed on February 15th though…


det gjør godt med en støkk av skrekk
en gang i blant
så lenge det er på kino
28 weeks anbefales herved