Four days in London have given me some experience with the iPhone as a trusty travel companion. Before departure I was hesitant about dataroaming expences running high, 3G availability and access as well as battery durability. The most useful feature is hands down Google Maps and GPS. Finding the hotel in Bayswater after exiting Queensway Underground Station was a breeze, and the time suggestion from the app was give or take quite on the spot.

Travelling with a Portuguese family it was crucial to find food from home, and finding Portuguese expats’ waterholes and speciality bakeries did also prove impressively easy. I had downloaded the London Tube app fra App Store and with a gliding interface, searchable and touchable, it was great to find the fastest route and navigate the tube on the handheld device. Frommer’s London Guidebook was also downloaded, but was of limited use even though it is a great resource if you want to know more about London’s attractions.

In terms of disappointments I had trouble with mobile networks falling off on several occasions. I did use 3G or free wi-fi if available, but the Auto-functionality proved fruitless searches more than once. This is a tad worrying if you find yourself lost in London suburbs without an oldfashioned map and a sense of direction.

Luckily I am reasonably familiar with London, and combined with the fantastic GPS navigation on the iPhone one is not left to ask around for directions anymore (the worst a man can do). The blue dot was accurate for walking, but I know it would be a different matter for drivers. London is not a place you want to drive though, it’s best for walkers.